The Dark Lord

Barbados may be defined as essentially the most stunning and essentially the most charming island in the Caribbean. Speaking briefly at the operate Minister of Human Companies and Social Security, Jennifer Webster, mentioned This event was to coincide with International Girls’s Day but we wished to launch our magazine ‘International Girls’s Day Guyana’ and what a better time for this to be accomplished than Mother’s Day”.

Hi there! I am Dr. Diana Prasad, a PGY1 in the Family Medication Residency Program in Guyana. I am 29 years of age and I was born and grew up in this stunning country I call residence, Guyana. I am of East Indian first rate and a part of a small family of four persons- dad and mom and a younger sister. I am usually described as a simple and humble one who enjoys the little things in life.

With a physician as a father and a registered nurse-midwife as a mother, very early on I was exposed to the medical system of Guyana, passing plenty of time in a lot of its services. I completed my first degree and internship in Human Medication abroad. I was exposed to the medical system of Cuba, a country much like Guyana in many features, nonetheless, still very completely different in its own regard.

Following my successful completion of examine in 2013, I returned residence and commenced internship at the West Demerara Regional Hospital and was subsequently transferred to the country’s central referral hospital-Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. There I continued to supply health care companies in the varied departments, honed my abilities and acquire new experiences.

During my rotation by way of the assorted specialties in medical college, I have at all times been intrigued by the promotion and prevention pillars of therapy, especially when it centered on Girls’s Health. Due to this fact, finding out Family Medication will help me fulfill the fervour I have for such an necessary side of medical therapy — which is able to finally enhance the nation’s potential of reaching decreased morbidity and mortality rates.

My title is Dr. Sahodra Rambharose. I joined the Family Medication Program in Guyana as a result of I wish to help elevate awareness about health issues and help empower folks to turn into more involved in their own health care. I strongly imagine in preventative medication and I am certain that Family Medication will enable me the forum with which I can make a optimistic impression in our health care system.

I am a Guyanese born Medical Practitioner, who graduated from the University of Guyana Medical College in 1994. I have a wide data and experience in Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV Care and Therapy and revel in seeing patients of all ages. Working with the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association an affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation for eleven years, I was instrumental in extending the clinic from a Sexual and Reproductive Health clinic to a Holistic Clinic catering for everyone.

Guyana is roast beef, plum pudding, fruit cake gently lined with icing and almond paste. Guyana is blamanche, trifle, and Cadbury’s chocolate inspired by the British, but captures the very essence of Guyana’s unique fashion. It can be mentioned that Guyana is where England met Africa on the attractive shores of South America, and spiced with Amerindians, our native peoples, Portuguese, Chinese, and East lndians. Guyana is sugarcane for as far as the eye ean see, gently swaying in the breeze, and paying homage to the swaying Africans that after worked the fields. Guyana is a profusion of colours, slender Hindu girls on their approach to market, tall African girls transferring to din in the air, Chinese shopkeepers, Indian men in mini buses, Afro- Guyanese men in police uniforms who hold the peace, Portuguese businessmen, and a few hardcore Britishers who continue to enjoy the good life in Guyana. This is Guyana, the land of many waters.

The Indigenous Peoples (Amerindians) had been the original settlers of Guyana, who still reside in sync with nature in villages all across the country. One can trace their roots to 9000 BC, after they arrived looking for a fertile land for herding cattle. Thus far, the Indigenous Peoples have largely saved to their nomadic life-style. Many communities still sustain on controlled looking and gathering, other than farming. Cassava is of the principle crop that is grown, which, in turn, is used as a chief ingredient to make cassava bread and farine. Several petroglyphs around the country shed light on the looking themes and life in the historical wild.

Guyana is fragmented into 10 administrative regions which might be awarded with natural sights. Hikes, nature trails, 4X4 adventures, fishing, fowl watching, river tours, caiman watching, and neighborhood-oriented experiences headline the completely different regions. The locals are fully in tune with the natural surroundings and help travellers find their rhythm with local life and the tranquil forests. Booking with experienced operators allows ease of travel and booking, especially in the interiors, where connectivity is pleasantly elusive.

Guyana is lucky to be blessed with a multi-cultural vibe of Indigenous Peoples, East Indians, Africans, Chinese, Portuguese and Europeans all contributing to a delightfully sturdy culture. The colonial footprint on the country has left a lineage of different nations. Folks reside in complete harmony, celebrating multiple festivals from completely different components of the world. They even have palates tuned to various flavours. The ever-present curry-rice combo from India is just as in style as cassava bread or farine from Indigenous Peoples.

The local wildlife and nature experience is classy. Given its green status, plainly the land springs life, enriching and replenishing the world’s biodiversity at a fast pace. A prolific variety of animals, birds, reptiles and insects, along with exquisite flora, showcase nature’s hand in making this a vital for nature fanatics. The impenetrable forests and river techniques make simple properties to iconic mammals like the elusive jaguar, the much celebrated-large anteater and large river otter, rare reptiles corresponding to black caiman, and one-of-a-sort birds such as the harpy eagle and cock-of-the-rock. Flourishing statistics of 900 plus birds, 225 species of mammals, 880 species of reptiles and more than 6500 vegetation back the country’s status as a severe wildlife destination.

Harpy Eagle — Powerful and Majestic Raptor — The harpy eagle is the biggest eagle in South America and one of the largest and most powerful birds of prey on the planet. They are more usually seen in the Kanuku and Iwokrama Mountains and in the communities of Surama and Warapoka, where they guyanese brides are estimated to spend 2-3 years in one nesting web site. With big talons much like bear claws, the harpy can easily grip its prey, which it feeds on in the canopy treetops. Harpy populations are healthy in Guyana because of the vast expanses of untouched tropical forests that they use as looking grounds.