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Knowledge Congress trees account pedagogical techniques> The evaluation crest This is the body of knowledge that a child is at any given time. This patent is a knowledge we want to share. A patent declaration form is completed by the individual. It is indicated above patent type, characteristic of the patent and validation requirements.

Sometimes it may happen that the patent depositary must demonstrate that he has the knowledge he claims. Validations They can take place during class time in the individual work. The Knowledge Market Institutional moment in school: 1 hour 30 every three weeks. These are booths where patent holders have the opportunity to share their knowledge.

A child or adult who wants to buy this or that knowledge is the chosen stand and leads to the desired license or valid. There may be a market knowledge outside school hours with parents. The tree of knowledge It’s all existing patents.

Each patent is a part of the tree. There may be color in the tree. Colors indicate successful patents. It can also display the tree of three. And so on. Only display patents attained. Interest in children The most remote school children investing system that returns them a better picture. It only refers to positive acquisitions children. The insecure children themselves feel valued. It creates links in the classroom. When awarding patents, children will find this or that specific knowledge.

This creates a dynamic in the class around knowledge. Patent holders children feel empowered. When they file a patent, they score with their words the knowledge they claim.

A child who has filed a patent becomes available to help this or that to acquire knowledge. Conversely, a child who has knowledge (success to a particular assessment) but that does not file a patent remains behind. He does not try to explain to another. Software Software has been created by the designers to lay out the names of patents, participant names, patents obtained, the shields obtained, knowledge trees.

Patents are not hierarchical, all patents have the same value. Each member ICEM can access this free software that saw ICEM paid an amount to the software owners. Report of Jean-Jacques Preuilh a comment tree software knowledge By Blandine Cottanceau on 19/08/10 — 4:13 p.m.. Hello, I am very interested in the software described in the previous article (or next).

How to download it? Thank you in advance. Blandine respond Software Knowledge Tree By Visitor, 07/05/11 — 12:59. Hello, Could you tell me how to get this software?

What are the technical requirements for implementation, I guess windows but which version? Thank you in advance. Nicolas. answer software application By Visitor, 07/06/11 — 11:12 p.m.. Good evening, I arrive in my research to need to test such software quietly, before knowing if I run this machine or not. Can you refer me on how to operate this download, please?

In advance, thank you, Cooperatively, Nicolas Zannettacci (GD11) answer
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1 to 10 from 57 Results A morning in the class of CP-EC1 Jean-Pierre By Claude Beaunis on 07/01/10 — 3:57 p.m.

In: a French slice of life movie> Scripture-reading Life of the cooperative class , citizenship pedagogical principles> cooperation pedagogical principles> term-creation pedagogical principles> natural method teaching techniques> text free instructional techniques> individualized work in a morning class CP-EC1 Jean-Pierre, at the Ecole Louis Buton Aizenay (85) the video was divided into several parts, each dealing with a particular point 6 comments Read more Art, mathematics creations by Remi Jacquet on 02/04/10 — 4:41 p.m. in: Gr Arts math math Principles. teaching> term-creation pedagogical principles> natural teaching method Technology> mathematical creative teaching techniques> defimath peda Techniques gogiques> math Research Designs mathematical creations? If pleasure is like math aesthetic pleasure ( «The pleasure of mathematics is the satisfaction of completeness», Plato), while many artists have used mathematics to the composition of their boards, their proportions sculptures of their buildings, the danger remains for teachers and children to believe that just draw for mathematics.

Add a comment Read more observation In Boxes: For students> Elementary Science and Techno File> Life Science and Earth Science and Techno> Physical Sciences, Chemistry Teaching Techniques> class organization> educational workshop Principles> natural method pedagogical principles> Free trial and error in November 2010 Extract New Educator No. 70 in June 1995 in which Eric Joffre presents its experimentation boxes.

Add Comment Read more 6 attachments The topics in JMAG By Sylvie Hospitel on 12/09/10 — 24:47 In: Gr JMAG review Arts> Visual Arts French> Scripture-reading Kitchen pedagogical principles> term-creation principles. teaching> teaching techniques natural method> educational Technical literature> free text entries of J Magazine Add comment Read more in practical Math natural method for the Descottes Pierrick 13/05/10 — 3:12 p.m. in: Gr. Laboratory research witness an article maths teaching Principles> natural pedagogical techniques method> math research I herewith offer two articles written in the natural mathematical method group that feeds the contributions of mathematics Sector and the Cooperative research Laboratory of ICEM.

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